RoamEO PuPpod

RoamEO PuPpod is now available.


GPS Enabled Receiver: Contains a WAAS enabled GPS receiver tracking multiple satellites
2 Dogs per System: The RoamEO Pup can track two pets simultaneously
Distance and Direction: The RoamEO Pup displays the distance between you and the RoamEO Collar and the direction to travel to find your pet
Easy to Read, Backlet LCD Display: The RoamEO Pup’s high contrast display can be easily read in sunlight or at night!
Sleek, Weather Resistant Construction
Satisfaction Guarantee
Long Range Capability: Locate your pet 1 to 3 miles away
Recharageable Batteries, Charger Included: Battery life is 18 to 30 hours depending on use
Indoor Mode: Allows indoor use of receiver
Shipments within the state of Minnesota are subject to a 6.50% sales tax.

RoamEO PuPpod Location System
Includes: RoamEO Pup LCD display; one GPS dog collar, and battery and charger for the LCD display and GPS dog collar

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Select the collar for your pet (included with the $299 RoamEO Pup):
12-19″ Collar Small
20-27″ Collar Large

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Additional Collars

12-19″ Collar Small


20-27″ Collar Large


*Additional Collars can be added separately.

Battery Charger

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